The PIC Microcontroller Workshop Series

The PIC Microcontroller Series of classes were designed to 1) quickly give students the knowledge they need to effectively use PIC microcontrollers in design, control, and interface other devices, 2) Let the students decide if they wish to use BASIC, C, or assembly to program microcontrollers for specific design/control/interface application, 3) Give the students a step by step procedure for interfacing the most common devices used with PIC microcontrollers so they can use the course manual as a design guide for further circuit development, 4) Allow the students to take with them, all the hardware and software used during the course.

To achieve these goals, the series was broken into Four distinct workshops. The initial courses, The PIC Microcontroller Workshop and the The Hi-Tech C PIC Workshopwas intended as a starting place for anyone wanting to know about PIC microcontrollers or microcontrollers in general. The Advanced PIC Microcontroller Workshop is for students who want to know more about RS-232, RS-485, or wireless serial communication, IEEE Zig Bee wireless transmitters and receivers, GPS receivers, distance sensors, RFID tags and readers, interactive debugging, bootloading, and other wireless applications for PICs.The Visual Basic PIC Workshop is for students who want to control, record, datalog, graph, and communicate with their PIC applications via a Visual Basic / Windows interface. Whether you have worked with Visual Basic before or not, this course will teach you everything you need to create professional, attractive, functional user interfaces for your PIC projects.

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