The Advance PIC Microcontroller Workshop

Course Description:

For students with some prior knowledge of microcontroller design, this 2-day workshop shows you what you need to know about designing sophisticated hardware systems with some very simple BASIC instructions and PIC Microcontrollers.

In The Advanced PIC Workshop, students learn to design with high interest devices such as GPS receivers, GSM and GPRS modems, IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee wireless modules, RFID readers and tags, distance sensors and more.

Students are introduced to the concepts of wireless communication covering ranges from a few inches to over thousands of miles. Students are shown how to design GPS receivers and decode GPS data into location, velocity, direction, time and date information and to create wireless networks for your home, your business, your community. Pass information from your cell phone or your PC to and from your PIC circuits. Have your PIC circuit send information back to your PC or cell phone. There is no limit to the possibilities! Imagine being able to control your PIC circuits by simply sending a TXT message from your phone! Or have your PIC circuit send your cell phone a TXT message with important information. ( We'll even show you how to create a system where you can place a module in a car, boat, or other motor vehicle, send a TXT message and receive a Google Maps Display of where the vehicle (and it's current speed and altitude) is traveling! Or get information about the vehicle itself - like your own OnStar system! This is information never seen in any training class anywhere!

Students are also shown how to design systems where the firmware can be upgraded at any time with a wired or wireless serial connection and interactive debugging techniques are presented.

As in our standard class, lots of hands-on exercises in an easy-to-learn BASIC programming environment make this class attractive for anyone with an interest in microcontroller systems. Throughout class students learn to program PIC Microcontrollers using the industry standard Micro Engineering Labs (MELabs) PIC BASICPRO software.

After the class is complete, students take home the software and hardware used throughout the course -- and will be ready to start programming their own PIC Microcontrollers!

Duration, Prerequisites, and student materials

The course is two (2) days in duration. Each student takes home with them hardware and software used in class. Students should have some prior knowledge of programming microcontrollers with BASIC.

Class materials students take home include:

Advanced PIC Workshop lab book with experiments for:
AP1 lab/experiment board
GSM and GPRS modems Garmin 18 GPS receiver
XeeBee (802.15.4/ZigBee compatible) transmitter/receiver lab boards
RFID Receiver and RFID tags
Ultrasonic distance sensor transmitter/receiver
All the course programming exercises used in class

Course Objectives:

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