The PIC Microcontroller Workshop

Course Description:

For students with little or no prior knowledge of microcontroller design, this intensive 2-day workshop shows you what you need to know about designing hardware and software systems with PIC Microcontrollers.

In The PIC Workshop, students learn by doing with lots of hands-on exercises in an easy-to-learn PIC BASIC Pro basic language programming environment. Throughout class students learn to program PIC Microcontrollers using the industry standard PIC BASIC Pro basic compiler.

After the class is complete, students take home the software and hardware used throughout the course -- and will be ready to start programming their own PIC Microcontrollers!

Duration, Prerequisites, and student materials

The course is two (2) days in duration. Each student takes home with them all the hardware and software used in class. There are no prerequisites for this class other than a basic understanding of electronics.

Class materials students take home include:

PIC BASIC Pro Compiler Compiler
200+ page lab book with experiments for:
Lab X1 lab/experiment board
RCG1 lab/experiment board
LCD display
7-Segment LED display
12 DC motor
Hi-tech servo motor
200-step stepper motor
National Semiconductor LM34 temperature sensor
Dallas Semiconductor DS1620 digital temperature sensor/thermostat
Analog Devices 8402 Digital Potentiometer
Maxim 7219 7-Segment LED display driver
Max232 RS232 converter chip

Course Objectives:

Course Outline:

Basics of PIC Microcontrollers

Electrical Capabilities
Frequency Limitations
Memory and Ports

PIC BasicPro Compiler

Programming in BASIC
Variables, Loops, and Controls

LED and LCD Displays

Max 7219 Display Driver
Hitachi 4470 Displays

Relays and Solenoids

Driving Capabilities
Frequency Considerations

DC and Stepper Motors

DC Motor Control
Speed Control
Unipolar and Bipolar Stepper Motors
Stepper Control
Direction Control

A2D Converter

Using the On-Board 10-bit A2D Converter
Adjusting the Reference Voltage

Digital Potentiometers

Digital Resistance
Digital Pots (AD8402)

Temperature Measurements

Digital Temperature ICs (DS1620)
Analog Temperature ICs (LM34)

Resistive Sensors

Photo Sensors
Pressure Sensors
General Resistive Sensors


Serial Data Transfer
RS-232 Transfer


On-Board EEPROMs
Storing and Retrieving Data

Timers and Counters

Watchdog Timer
Timer0 Timer


Real-Time Clocks
Triggering Measurements

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