The Visual Basic PIC Microcontroller Workshop

Course Description:

Are you ready to create useful Windows programs to monitor and control your PIC Microcontrollers? Then this course is for you!

In The Visual Basic PIC Workshop students learn to design Visual Basic programs which monitor and control PIC circuits.

No prior knowledge of Visual Basic is required. Students are shown the fundamentals of Visual Basic and how to create sophisticated Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for PIC Microcontroller circuits.

In this class, students are given lots of hands-on exercises with the easy-to-learn Visual Basic 2010 environment. Visual Basic can make your PIC ciruits "come alive" with an easy to read User Interface. Students learn to control, display, record, and plot data from their PIC circuits. This class should be attractive for anyone with an interest in microcontroller systems.

After the class is complete, students take home the Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition used throughout the course -- and will be ready to start programming their own PIC Microcontrollers!

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Duration, Prerequisites, and Student Materials

The course is two (2) days in duration. Each student takes home with them Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition software used in class. Students should have some prior knowledge of programming microcontrollers with BASIC, C, or assembly.

Class materials students take home include:

Visual Basic PIC Workshop lab book with experiments
All the course programming exercises used in class

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