The PSpice Workshop Series

The PSpice Workshop Series of classes were designed to 1) quickly give students the knowledge they need to effectively use PSpice to design, analyze, and troubleshoot their circuit using PSpice, 2) Let the students decide how much and what parts of the PSpice suite of tools they want to use for their specific design/analysis application, 3) Give the students a step by step procedure for the more complex parts of the tool so they can use the course manual as a reference book on how to use PSpice in the future.

To achieve these goals, the series was broken into three distinct workshops. The initial course, The PSpice Workshop was intended as a starting place for anyone wanting to know about or wanting to know more about PSpice. The Advanced PSpice Workshop is for students who want to know more about analog behavioral modeling, Monte Carlo and worst case analyses, and who want to overcome nonconvergence problems in PSpice. The Extreme PSpice Workshop is for students who want to know even more about sophisticated analog behavior models and the intrinsic model parameters of PSpice.

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