The Advanced PSpice Workshop

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to take PSpice (aka Allegro AMS/Design Entry) users to a higher level of understanding and problem solving. This intensive 3-day workshop course gives users an in-depth look at analog behavioral modeling, Monte Carlo and worst-case analyses, performance analysis, measurements, goal functions, and performance analysis. The class also focuses on overcoming one of the most problematic issues facing simulation users today - nonconvergence.

The class assumes the student has a prior working knowledge of the PSpice (aka Allegro AMS) circuit simulator and Capture (aka Allegro Design Entry) schematic capture program.

Course Objectives:

Course Outline:

Analog Behavioral Modeling

Describing voltages and currents
Basic dependent elements
Programmable elements
LaPlace transform elements
Equation elements
Table elements
If-then-else elements

Building Behavioral Elements

Pulse-width modulator
Boost converter
Self-heating elements
Voltage-controlled oscillator

Modeling Physical Components

Large capacitors, inductors, resistors
Extracting parasitic (non-ideal) characteristics

Modeling Transformers

Linear transformers
Coupling coefficients
Mutual inductance
Magnetic transformers
Transformer core parameters
Setting the turns ratio

Importing Schematics and Probe Outputs

Importing schematics into a word processor
Importing Probe output into a word processor
Saving the data from Probe into a spreadsheet program
Using Probe output as an input to simulation
Using oscilloscope data as an input to simulation

Parameter Sweeps for Advanced Users

Global parameters
Goal functions / Measurements
Search commands
Defining your own goal functions
Displaying the measured goal

Monte Carlo/Worst Case Analysis for Advanced Users

Component tolerances
Setting global tolerances
Analyzing the output
Defining your own distribution
Distributions for a true worst-case analysis
Goal functions for Monte Carlo
Estimating yields from a Monte Carlo analysis

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