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3M Company, A.O. Smith, Abbott Laboratories, Accord Controls, Accoustic Imaging Technologies, ACI-EMPF, Acme Electric, Acoustic Imaging, Acu-Rite, Acustar, Adaptec, Adaptive-Optics, ADC Telecommunications, Add-On Buardz, Inc., ADTRAN, Incorporated, Advanced Fiber Communications, Advanced Mammography Systems, Advanced Micro Devices, Advanced NMR Systems, Inc., Advanced Transformer Company, Aequitron Medical, Aero Systems Engineering, Aerospace Avionics, Aerospace Corporation, AG Communications Systems, AIL Systems, Al Catel Network Systems, Alaris Medical Systems, Allan-Bradley, Allegro Microsystems, Allergan, Alliant Technology Systems, Allied Signal, Allied Signal Aerospace, Allied Signal Truck Brake, Allsop, Alps Automotive, Altera Corporation, AMDAHL Corporation, American High Voltage, American Lightwaves, American Power Conversion, Ametek Rotron, AMP Sensors, AMP, Incorporated, AMRT-Motorola, Amsco, Anadigics, Incorporated, Analog Devices, Analog Devices—PMI Division, Analogic Corporation, Analogy, AO Smith Corporation, Applied Digital Access, Applied Micro Circuits Corp., Arbitron Company, Argon National Labs, Argonne National Laboratory, ARINC Research, Arizona Dept. of Public Safety, Army Research Labs, ASCENT, Astec Semiconductor, Astronautics, AT Barrett & Associates, AT Laboratories, AT&T, AT&T—Bell Labs, AT&T Global Communications, AT&T Microelectronics, AT&T Technical Services Co., Athens Technical Institute, Augusta Tech, Augustine Medical, Automotive Systems Laboratory, Autonomy Network Technology, AVC, Avex Electronics, Avtech Corporation, Axolotol Design, Inc., Aydin Corporation (West), B.E.E. Engineering, Babson Brothers, Baker Engineering Company, Baldor Motors and Drivers, Ball Aerospace, Banner Engineering Corporation, Barber-Colman, Bard Medsystems, Barnant Company, Barth Electronics, Incorporate, Battelle Northwest Labs, Baxter Medical Systems, Inc., Bay Area Rapid Transit, Bay Networks, Incorporated, Bayer Corporation—AGFA Div., BDIS, Beckman, Beckton & Dickenson, Bell & Howell, Bell Northern Research, Belmont Instruments, Bendix, Berkshire Associates, BF Goodrich, BF Goodrich Aerospace, BI, Incorporated, Biocontrol Technology, Biotek Instruments, BNR, Incorporated, Boeing, Boeing Aerospace Company, Boeing Defense & Space Group, Boeing Defense & Space Group, Boeing Information, Space & Defense, Boeing North American, Boeing Space & Defense, Borg-Warner, Bose Corporation, Boston Scientific, Breed Technologies, Brother International Corp., Bureau of Mines, C. Plath, Cadforce, CADSoft Solutions, Inc., CAEMOS, Inc., Calex, California Amplifiers, California Micro Devices, California State University, Camtronics, Candela, Caprius, Inc., Cardiac Pacemakers, Carrier Corporation, CAS, Cascade Corporation, Case Corporation, Caterpillar, Incorporated, CDI, Celestica, Cellular Technical Services, Celwave, Chamberlain Group, Champion Technologies, Inc., Checkpoint, Chesapeake Research, Chipcom Corporation, Chrysler Corporation, Chrysler Huntsville Electronics, CIBA Corning, CIDCO, Incorporated, Cincinnati Millicron, Cincinnati Time, Inc., Clarostat Sensors & Controls, Coastal Systems Station, Cobra Electronics, Codex Corporation, Coleman Powermate, Collins, Colsa Corporation, CommQuest Technologies, Communication Research Center, Compaq Computer, Compuparies, Computer Identics, Computer Products, Computer Science Corporation, Computing Devices Intl., Conner Peripherals, Contraves, Incorporated, Control Data Company, Convex Computer Corporation, Cooper Power Systems, Copley Controls, County College of Morris, Cow Creek Enterprises, Inc., CPI, Crane Naval Weapons Depot, Cray Research, CTS Corporation, CTS Frequency Control Division, Curta Corporation, Curtis PMC, Cyberlink Corporation, Cyberonics, Inc., Dallas Semiconductor, Danfoss, Datascope Corporation, Datel, Davis & Associates, Inc., Delco Electronics Corporation, Delta Design, Deltec Electronics Corporation, DeMaria EO Systems, DEMCO, Denver Instrument, Dept. of Army, Detector Electronics, DeVry Institute of Technology, Dickey John Corporation, Digital Equipment Corporation, Digital Laboratories, Inc., Digital Microwave Corporation, Digital Synergy, Discom, Distribution Control Systems, DOM Engineering Services, Inc., Dow Neurological Science Inst., Draper Laboratories, Drexelbrook Engineering Co., Dryden Flight Research Center, Dukane Corporation, Dynamics Research Corporation, DynaRoll, East Controls, Eastman Kodak, Eaton Corporation, EBARA Technologies, Ecosse Engineering, Ectron Corporation, Edwards High Vacuum Intl., EER, EG&G, Elantec, Electro Corporation, Electrocad, Electrodynamics, Inc., Electrohome, Electro-Magnetic Sciences, Electronic Solutions, Electronic Warfare Associates, Elgar, EMC Corporation, EMD Associates, Emerson Motor Technical Center, EMS Technologies, Emulex Corp., Energy Conversion Devices, Engenius, Erim Company, ESI, Exabyte Corporation, EXP Computer, Incorporated, FBI, Fermi National Labs, Fern Electronics, Fiber Optics, Fibrasonics, Inc., Finisar Corporation, Fitch, Incorporated, FLIR Systems, Inc., Florida Intl. University, FMC Corporation, Ford-Visteon, Fox Valley Technical College, Foxboro, Fujitsu Microelectronic, Inc., Galaxy Scientific Corporation, Garrett Fluid System Division, GCA, GDE Systems, Inc., GE—Electric Vehicles, GE Government Services, GE Lighting Systems, General Atomics, General Electric, General Instrument Corporation, General Motors Corporation, General Signal Networks, George Fischer Signet, GER Corporation, GM Desert Proving Grounds, GMATV, Goddard Space Flight Center, Goldstar Electronics America, Grumman Aircraft, GSB Associates, GTE Laboratories, Inc., GTE Products Corporation, Hal Computer Systems, Hall Consulting, Halliburton Logging Services Harmon Electronics, Harmon Industries, Harmonic Lightwaves, Harris Corporation, Harris EDA, HE Microwave, Healthdyne Technologies, Henschel, Incorporated, Hewlett-Packard, Hill Air Force Base, Hipotronics, Hitachi Computer Products, HMSI, Hobbs Corporation, Hodge Electric, Honeywell, Honeywell Air Transport System, Honeywell Microswitch, Honeywell Satellite Systems, House Ear Institute, Hubbell, Incorporated, Hughes Aircraft, Hughes Danbury Optical Systems, Hughes Identification Devices, Hughes Missile Systems, Hughes Network Systems, Hughes Space &Communications, Huntsville Electronics, Hutchinson Technology, Inc., Hypertherm, Inc., IBM, ICC, IES Utilities, IKA Works, IMAC, Image Technology, IMC Magnetics, Imex Medical Systems, Inc., IMP, Incorporated, Indiana Institute Technology, Indiana Microelectronics Cntr., Inland Fisher Guide, Inncom International, Innertech, Intek, Intel Corporation, Intelligent Resources, Interface Engineering, Interface Technology, Intergraph, International Microelectronic, International Rectifier, Intraplex, Intronics, Invacare Corporation, IST, ITI, Itron, ITRONIX, J.I. Case, Jaycor, Jerrold Communications, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, JI Case, JL Grant & Associates, John Deere Technical Center, John Hopkins University, Kaman Electromagnetics Corp., Kaman Sciences Corporation, Karl Storz Imaging, Karman Sciences, Kinetic Concepts, Inc., KLA Instruments, Knowles Electronics, Inc., Kodak, Kolb Research, Inc., Komatsu Dresser Company, L. H. Research, LaBarge Electronics, Lam Research, Lambda Advanced Analog, Lambda Electronics, Land-5 Corporation, Laserera Systems, Lawrence Livermore Nat. Labs, Lear Corporation, LeCroy Corporation, LEXMARK International, Liberty Technologies, Life Fitness, Lifecare, Lifescan, Incorporated, Life-Tech, Lincoln Tech, Livermore National Labs, Lockheed Engineering, Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin Energy & Power, Lockheed Martin WDL, Lockheed-Sanders, Long Electronics, Lorain Products, Loral, Loral Command Control Systems, Loral Vought Systems, Loral Vought Systems, LSI Logic Corporation, LTV Aerospace, LTX Corporation, Lucas Aerospace, Lucas Automotive, Lucas Body Systems, Lucent Technologies, M.H. Gabriel & Associates, M/A-COM, M/A-COM, Macro Test Systems, MagneTek Tempe, Inc., Makago Electronics, Marshall Space Center, Martin Marietta, Martin-Marietta Energy Systems, Maxtor Corporation, Maxwell Laboratories, Mayo Foundation, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, McDonnell-Douglas, McHenry County College, Medtronic, Inc., Megatest, Megatest Corporation, Mentor Graphics Corporation, Mentor Ophthalmics, Meta-Software, Metraplex, MICOM, Micro Encoder, Micro Motion, Micro Phase, Microcomputer Research Corp., Microphase Corporation, Microsim, Micro-Switch, Microtron, Microwave Power Devices, Microwave Radio, Midstate Technical College, Miller Electric Manufacturing, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., Minisun, MIT—Lincoln Laboratory, MIT Haysac Observatory, MIT-Bates Laboratory, Mitre, Mitre, MKS Instruments, Monitor Labs, Incorporated, Moog, Incorporated, Morse Controls, Motorola, Motorola—AIEG, Incorporated, Motorola Lighting, Motorola Semiconductor, Motorola UDS, Motorola, Indala Corporation, Motorola/Codex, Motorola-ISG, MRC Telecommunications, MRJ Technology Solutions, MTI, Multilin, Murray Millet & Associates, NASA, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Marshall Space Center, NASA/GSFC, Natco, National Aircraft Supply, National Instruments, National Semconductor, Naval Air Warfare Center, Naval Avionics Center, Naval Ordnance Station, Naval Research Lab, Naval Surface Wafare Center, Navistar Transportation, NCR Corporation, NDE Systems, NE St. Technical Comm. College, NEC USA, Netic Research, Network Systems Corporation, Newbridge Network Corporation, New-Focus, Newport Electronics, Next Level Communications, Nicolet Vascular, No. Hampton Community College, NOAO, Non-Volatile Electronics, Nordson, Nordson Corporation, Norlight Telecommunications, Nortel, Northern Telecom, Northrup Grumman, Norwalk Community College, Novalink Technologies, Noyes Fiber Systems, NSWC, NSWC—Carderock Division, NSWC Crane, NSWCDD, NWAC, NYNEX—New York, OAR Corporation, Ohmeda, Oki Advanced Products, Oki Telecom, Olivetti ATC, Onan Corporation, Onan Power Electronics, Optek, Optek Technology, Inc., Orbital Sciences Corporation, Oregon Institute of Technology, Orincon Corp., OSRAM-Sylvania, Otis Elevator, Outboard Marine Corporation, Outside Power Consultants, PACCAR Tech Center, Paccar Technical Center, Pacific Bell, Pacific Crest Corporation, Paedia Corporation, Pairgain Technologies, Paramax, Paramax Systems Canada, Parkland College, Pass & Seymour, PCS Consultant, Peco Manufacturing, Penn State University, Perception, Inc., Perkin Elmer, Perkin Elmer-Physical Elect., Personal Communication Product, Phase Metrics, Philips Automotive Electronics, Philips Components, Phillips Laboratories, Phillips Laboratory/WSQW, Phonic Ear, Picturetel Corporation, Pinnacle Micro, Pitney-Bowes, Plantronics, Inc., Plessey Semiconductor, Polaroid, Pollak, PolyPhaser Corporation, Power Conversion, Power Engineering, Power House Systems, Inc., Power Paragon, Powers Process Controls, Precision Electronics, Prekin-Elmer, Prepress Solutions, Prestolite Electric, Primax, Prince Castle, Inc., Pro Audio Engineering, PSC, Incorporated, Purdue University, Puritan-Bennett, Quadtech, Inc., Quantum Corporation, Quest Integrated, Quintic Industries, Quinton Instrument Company, Ramsey Technology, Ramtron, Randolph Telecom, Incorporated, Raychem Corporation, Rayocon, Raytek Corporation, Raytheon, Raytheon Missile Systems, Raytheon Optical Systems, Raytheon Systems Company-SES, Raytheon/E Systems, Read-Rite Corporation, Reliance Electric, Reliance Motion Control, RELTEC Corporation, Research & Design, Inc., Respironics, Incorporated, RGSE, Incorporated, Rhetorex, Rice Lake Weighting Systems, Richards Electronics Corp., RIMAGE, Incorporated, RKS Engineering, Robins Air Force Base, Rockwell, Rockwell Automation, Rockwell Avionics & Comm., Rockwell International, Rockwell Rocketdyne, Rockwell Semiconductor, Rose-Hulman, Rosemount, Ross Technology, Rubin Associates, S&C Electric, SAIC, Samsung Semiconductor, Sandia National Laboratories, Santa Barbara Research Center, Scandia Design, Schaffer Magnetics, Schlumberger Instruments, Schlumberger Services, Schlumberger Well Services, SCI Systems, Scientific Atlanta, SCIEX, Seagate Technology, SeaMed Corporation, Semtech, Sequent Computer Systems, Sercel-Opse, Setra Systems, Inc., SGS Thomson, Shortridge Instruments, SICOM, Incorporated, SIEBE Environmental Controls, Siebe Environmental Controls, Siemens, Siemens Automotive, Siemens Energy & Automation, Siemens Hearing Institute, Siemens Hearing Institute, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Siemens Wireless Terminals, Sievers Instruments, Signal Technology Corporation, Silent Knight Security Systems, Silicon Graphics, Siouxland Scientific Computing, Sipex Corporation, Sippican, Incorporated, Smith Equipment, Smith Industries, Solid State Electronics, Sonicraft, Sony, Sony Trans-Com, Sorrento Electronics, South Texas Project, Southwest Research Institute, Southwest Virginia C. College, Space Comm Systems, Space Labs, Space Systems—Loral, SpaceLabs, Sparta, SPEC, Incorporated, Spectra Physics, Spectrum, Spectrum Astro, Spectrum Control, Inc., ST Microwave, Staktek, Standard Microsystems, Stanford Telecom, Staodyn, Inc., Stark Technical College, Starkey Laboratories, Star-Trac, Stereographics Corporation, Storage-Tek, Stratagene, Stratus Computer, Studio Tech Support, Sturgeon Engineering, Sulzer Intermedics, Inc., Sun Microsystems, Sunshine Semiconductor, Inc., SURA/Thomas Jefferson National, Sverdrup Technology, Inc., SVG Lithography Systems, Inc., SVT, SW Virginia Comm. College, Sycon Instrumens, Inc., Sylvania, Symbol Technologies, Symphonix, Syntellect, Syntonic, System Sensor, Systems Research Labs, T.E.A.M.S., Tacan, Tandem Computers, Tanner Research, TDK Semiconductor, Teal Electronics, TEC, Technitrol, Tekscan, Tektronix, Teledex Corporation, Teledyne, Teledyne Brown Engineering, Teledyne Systems Company, Telex Communications, Tellabs, Temic, Teradyne, Incorporated, Tescom Corporation, Texas Instruments, Textron Systems, The Carborundum Company, The Toro Company, Thermo Cardiosystems, Thermodisc, Thinking Machines, Third Millenium, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Threepenny Electronics, Tinker AFB, Titan—Linkabit, Tobyhanna Army Depot, Tollgrade Communications, Tracor, Tracor Systems Technology, Inc., Trane, Trilogic, Tri-Logic, Troxler Electronic Labs, TRW, TTC, TTI, TurnKey Logic, U.C.S.B.—Mech. Engr. Depart., U.S. Army, U.S. Robotics, UCSD, UFE, ULSI, Union Electric, Unisys, United Defense, United Technologies Automotive, United Technologies Research, Unitrode Integrated Circuits, Universal Instrument, Universal Semiconductor, University of California, University of Cincinnati, University of Georgia, University of Hartford, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Toledo, UPS Research and Development, US Air Force, US Army, US Army Aviation & Missile, US Army Missile Command, US Army UMA Proving Grounds, US Navy, US Robotics, US Sprint, USBI, USI Lighting, Utilx, UVDI, Incorporated, Valleylab, Valmont Electric, Varian, Varian ITS, Varian Vacuum Products, Vectron Laboratories, Ventritex, VHF COM, Vickers, Incorporated, VideoJet Systems, Viewlogic Systems, Inc., Villanova University, Visteon, VitalWave Corporation, Vitro Corporation, VLSI Technology, Wabash Magnetics, Inc., Walter Kidde Aerospace, Watkins-Johnson Company, Welch Allyn, Wells-Gardner Electronics, Westell Corporation, Western Digital Corporation, Westhaver Associates, Westinghouse, Westinghouse Electric Corp., Westinghouse Security, Wiltron Company, Wireless Data Corporation, WML, Woods Electronics, Inc., Xerox, Xetron, XLS Engineering, Zebra Technologies, Zeelan Technology, Inc., Zero Emissions Technology, Ziegler Consulting, Zytec Corporation, and MORE!

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